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“Corporate Learning Is More Important than Ever”

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“Corporate Learning Is More Important than Ever”

An Interview with Josh Bersin

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New e-learning offers must be flexible, interactive and learner-driven. 

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Traditional e-learning no longer fits modern learners’ needs. Yet a corporation’s ability to train and reskill its employees can make or break its future viability. Journalist Priscila Zigunovas talked with world-known HR and business leadership expert Josh Bersin to find out how corporate learning is adjusting to modern workplace challenges and demands. getAbstract recommends her interview to all HR and e-learning professionals.


In the past two years, a strong economy and the rapid rate of technological change have boosted demand for corporate learning. Employers are keen to reskill their employees to keep up with new technology (including automation), new software tools and artificial intelligence. Yet unlike 10 years ago, when e-learning programs delivered courses with set curricula, employees today want learning content delivered in highly specific, “bite-sized” bursts. This new form of micro-learning quickly fills in knowledge gaps and teaches specific new skills that learners can apply...

About the Authors

Josh Bersin is the principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte. Priscila Zigunovas is a journalist and the founder of Think, Mario Content Studio in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

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