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Millennials Are Already Itching to Switch Careers

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Millennials Are Already Itching to Switch Careers

With many young professionals looking for a change, learning how to pivot is more important than ever.

Bloomberg Businessweek ,

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Everyone wants a rewarding career, but millennials are mystified about how to find one. 

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Aside from a brief note that many people in their late 20s are trying to find themselves, this article doesn’t speculate on why millennials are looking to change careers. It does offer practical and reassuring guidance for any young person looking to make the leap into a new field. While the advice offered isn’t groundbreaking, it is sensible, and some tips may surprise. It features real-world examples that are both inspiring and concretize each point. Quotes from trusted industry experts add depth and value. This is a short and upbeat overview is well worth a quick read. 


Many millennials report feeling trapped in a career track. 

Millennials in 2019 are in the throes of career confusion. Many millennials not only plan to change jobs soon, but they also plan to change industries. They’re not necessarily moving up; they’re moving around. This may not be a phenomenon limited to the millennial generation. In early adulthood – the period shortly after graduating college, for example – many people follow a path set for them by their parents or modeled by their peer group. In their 20s to early 30s – the current age of many millennials – people begin...

About the Author

Elizabeth G. Dunn is a James Beard Award–nominated journalist based in New York City.

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