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Lessons from the Amazon Labor Union

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Lessons from the Amazon Labor Union

Are Workers Now in Charge?

Josh Bersin,

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Worker power is on the rise. 

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For renowned industry analyst Josh Bersin, the historic formation of the Amazon Labor Union in Staten Island is indicative of a larger trend across all sectors of the American economy: the rising power of workers. In concise yet substantive fashion, Bersin explains in his personal blog what is driving worker mobilization and discusses how organizations are responding. Bersin’s post provides ample insights for any company experiencing employee dissatisfaction or turnover – while offering sound suggestions about how to address these challenges.


US employees, who experience stress at an unprecedented level, are gaining ground in their struggle for better working conditions.

The successful formation of an Amazon Labor Union in Staten Island is a symptom of a larger power shift in favor of employees across all sectors of the US economy. Workers are suffering from stress at an unprecedented rate. Stress is particularly high among employees in lower income brackets, as well as among women and Black people. The industries most affected by employee turnover due to stress and poor working conditions are retail, hospitality, transportation and health care.

US workers have not just been asking for higher...

About the Author

Josh Bersin is a renowned industry analyst, author, adviser and educator focused on the topics of HR, leadership and workplace technology solutions. He founded Bersin by Deloitte.

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