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5 Things You Should Know About 5G

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5 Things You Should Know About 5G

What to Expect from the Next Big Thing


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Gain a few insights into the connected world of tomorrow to get you excited about 5G in 2020.

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The growing Internet of Things, consisting of interconnected digital everyday objects, demands a more advanced wireless Internet connectivity. Journalist Jamie Hinks helps you envision the speed, bandwidth and indestructibility of the mobile Internet of the near future by running through the features of 5G, the next-generation mobile telecommunications standard, in easily comprehensible language. getAbstract recommends this article to business owners and anyone interested in the technological world of tomorrow.


To run all the devices, machines and technological innovations of the future, society needs a connection speed much faster than the current 4G mobile telecommunications standard enables. Five aspects will likely define the 5G standard of the near future:

  1. Speedy connections – The 5G standard, maybe as soon as 2020, will probably average a connection speed of 10 gigabytes per second, allowing you to download an entire movie within one second and rendering pricey fiber-optic connections moot.  
  2. “The rise of the...

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Jamie Hinks is a freelance writer covering technology topics for TechRadar.

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