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5 Tips for Delivering Zoom Presentations Like a Pro

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5 Tips for Delivering Zoom Presentations Like a Pro

Missing Link

Missing Link,

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Prepare yourself for online presentations the same way you would for a live gig. 

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The pandemic will one day subside, but video conference calls are here to stay. Knowing how to deliver professional online presentations must thus become part of almost every professional person’s skills. In an engaging and fast-paced video presentation, public speaking coach Rich Mulholland uses this installment in his Missing Link podcast series to take you through five best practices for keeping an audience engaged with your online presentation. 


Video presentations are great time savers. 

Video presentations are not just a necessary evil when social distancing is required and people are working remotely – they are also an effective way to get information across to an audience in an efficient amount of time. You can cover the same content in a 20-minute online presentation that you would usually manage to convey during a one-hour in-person meeting.

This also facilitates scheduling, since people are more likely to have an open 20-minute slot than a clear hour. You’re also saving participants time by not requiring them to commute to a meeting location. Moreover, it isn’t necessary to have all the relevant people present during your presentation. Those who miss it can watch the video recording later.

Keep your online audience engaged by following five best practices. 

Presenting online may feel very different than&#...

About the Speaker

Richard Mulholland is a public speaking coach and the co-founder of Missing Link and TalkDrawer.

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