Summary of 7 Amazing Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Used in Healthcare

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7 Amazing Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Used in Healthcare summary

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Medicine has always been a human profession and practice – until now. Artificial intelligence is surpassing human ability in many applications of medicine, explains this World Economic Forum article. Learn seven ways that AI-powered tools are improving health care and why your future medical team may well include you plus a machine.

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Innovative technologies look to redefine health care in life-changing ways – for example, by enabling speedier diagnoses and individualized medicine. Wearable devices will be able to alert individuals to health issues before they manifest as symptoms. As technology advances, the role of medical practitioners may shrink. Already, artificial intelligence (AI) has brought seven remarkable changes to health care:

  1. Skin cancer detection – AI diagnoses skin cancer better than doctors. In a 2018 study, doctors were 87% correct, but machines were 95% correct. Differences in doctors’ experience and education add inconsistencies to health care. AI standardizes...

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