Summary of 8 Reasons (within your control) you’re not being promoted into leadership

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8 Reasons (within your control) you’re not being promoted into leadership summary

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Are you waiting for a promotion and can’t understand why it’s not coming your way? Writing for Medium, Samantha Davies explains that her route to becoming a manager gave her insight into why some people, though capable, fail to progress up the ladder. She outlines eight common reasons you may be passed over for promotion, and she offers advice on how to address those shortcomings. You may recognize yourself in some of the behaviors she outlines, and that means you have more control over your career prospects than you might think.

About the Author

Samantha Davies is head of user research and design leadership at Zoopla, a major UK property search firm.


People tend to blame management rather than themselves when they don’t gain a promotion.

Many people who feel their company is denying them a well-earned promotion tend to blame their manager or corporate leaders. Yet many factors that hold people back from advancing are within their own control.

Especially in mid-sized and large organizations with plenty of opportunities for upward mobility, employees can enhance their career prospects if they evaluate their skills and actions honestly and address any shortfalls.

Eight common factors prevent people from gaining promotion – and all of them are within your power to change.

You can increase your chance of receiving that desired promotion if you make course correction to becoming more constructive, having realistic expectations, being a team player, communicating your ambitions, adding competencies, building relationships, increasing your visibility or aligning...

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