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Many employees stuck in the rat race wistfully dream about working from home. Indeed, working remotely can be liberating. Advancements in Internet technology have made it a viable option for millions of people. But those already working from home know how easily productivity can give way to loneliness and isolation. In this video, intrepid entrepreneur Marie Forleo becomes agony aunt extraordinaire and offers eight tips for remote workers. Although peppered with frivolous asides, Forleo’s video offers a humorous and candid take on a growing issue.


If you are experiencing the crippling loneliness that so often accompanies remote work, you’re not alone. But don’t expect your boss to know intuitively that you are suffering or to solve the problem. Be proactive. Voice your challenges only when you are ready to offer some viable solutions. However, recognize that many remote workers don’t desire more interaction with their co-workers, so don’t push for a companywide policy of increased participation. Eight strategies can help to relieve loneliness and build a social network:

  1. “Get your social fix outside of work” – Be proactive about making new connections. Then nurture those...

About the Speaker

Marie Forleo is a writer, lifestyle guru and the creator of B-School – an online digital marketing training program. 

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