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9 Remote Recruiting Tips To Keep Your Hiring Going summary

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Though more employees than ever – including many recruiters – work remotely, few recruiters have perfected the process of end-to-end online recruiting and hiring. In the midst of COVID-19, remote recruiting and hiring has almost entirely replaced the traditionally face-to-face components of the hiring process, like late-stage interviews. This article offers tips and best practices for establishing a remote recruiting and hiring capability.

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Remote recruiting has spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Millions of Americans work remotely at least part of the week, a number that’s been increasing steadily but spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recruiters – working remotely themselves – and hiring remote workers for the first time, face unfamiliar challenges. Dealing with them will pay dividends because even after the lockdown, companies will continue to recruit remotely.

To recruit and hire effectively online, implement nine best practices including writing effective job ads and running video-based interviews.

Remote recruiting means connecting with and engaging remote candidates virtually, an especially acute need for firms that can’t afford to wait out the pandemic. For effective remote recruiting and hiring, adopt these...

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