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9 Ways to Make Work More Human summary

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Strong relationships among co-workers lead to more lively, dynamic company cultures. Helping people bond may require nudging them to open up and become vulnerable. New York-based journalist Kara Cutruzzula lists nine exercises that can help foster deeper connections within your company. Even reading about them will make some readers cringe, but then again – that’s the point. No pain, no gain.

About the Author

Kara Cutruzzula is a journalist and playwright based in Brooklyn, New York. 


Strong company cultures rest on meaningful human connections. The following nine exercises can help you foster them:

  • “Head to Mars with our team” – Imagine you and your teammates have to create a new human settlement in the inhospitable environment of planet Mars. Ensuring the community’s survival requires the specialized skills and active participation of each and every team member. The high-stakes team-building simulation game Mars 2100 creates a training ground for practicing communication and collaboration skills.
  • “Define your personal needs...

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