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In the United States, partisan politics has overtaken the issue of climate change, which thwarts constructive debate about the problem. Prior to President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement, climate expert Ted Halstead presented a policy proposal – a combination of a carbon tax and carbon dividends – that conservatives can support. getAbstract appreciates Halstead’s efforts to put climate change on the Republican agenda.

About the Speaker

Climate expert Ted Halstead is the founder and CEO of the Climate Leadership Council.



Several barriers impede climate change progress. The first is psychological. Proposed solutions implore people to make sacrifices today for the benefit of future generations, an act that runs counter to human nature. A geopolitical obstacle also exists. Global trade rules urge states to “free ride off the emission reductions of other nations” rather than to curb their own output. Moreover, a partisan barrier prevents bridging the climate divide, especially in the United States. Yet “the road to climate progress in the United States runs through the Republican Party and the business community.” The Climate Leadership Council, an alliance of veteran Republican politicians and business leaders, crafted a plan for a climate ...

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