A Close Look at Tencent’s AI Strategies and How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit

A Close Look at Tencent’s AI Strategies and How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit

Guigu Mitan, 2017

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Whether it is one of the greatest technological breakthroughs of all times or “a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization” – as Tesla CEO Elon Musk calls it – artificial intelligence (AI) is slowly seeping into every aspect of people’s lives. And Tencent, one of China’s most successful Internet companies, is on board: With a growing panel of experts and increasing investments, the company is gravitating toward AI research and application. An editorial team from Guigu Mitan, a media company based in Silicon Valley, details Tencent’s new strategic move and describes the four strongholds that they think will mark its dominance. getAbstract recommends this article to AI technology developers and business managers.


Most people associate Chinese tech company Tencent with games and social networks. However, since 2016, Tencent has been determined to add artificial intelligence (AI) as a new label. With support from its own AI department and a powerful think tank, the Internet heavyweight is working on its competitive edge and focusing on AI as the company’s long-term top priority. Tencent isn’t departing from its current strongholds but instead plans to build on its existing advantages and cater to the needs of its massive customer base. Tencent intends to craft a competitive advantage based on four pillars:

  1. Basic research – Renowned experts from around the globe flock to join Tencent’s AI Lab, Youtu...

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Guigu Mitan is a tech and new media site based in Silicon Valley. The site's editorial team focuses on tech business in the Silicon Valley and overseas, producing original reports, graphics and videos. It has established close ties with China’s leading tech companies, including Tencent.

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