When Christopher Voss worked as the FBI’s chief international hostage and kidnapping negotiator, he often had mere seconds to convince others to speak with him. Voss had to earn the confidence of others – be it a hostage-taker or the terrified parent of a kidnapped child – as quickly as possible. You’re unlikely to find yourself in a hostage situation anytime soon, but Voss’s practical tips apply to any negotiation situation. His delivery is rambling but compelling. Viewers who watch his presentation to the end will reap the rewards of his sage advice and acerbic humor.


In his role as chief international hostage and kidnapping negotiator for the FBI, Christopher Voss developed several practical guidelines that are applicable to all negotiation situations, whether you’re bargaining for a ransom, a raise or a business deal:

  • Show that you see their side of the situation – When entering a negotiation, you have mere seconds to capture your counterpart’s trust. Your fellow negotiator wants to know one thing: “How are you going to help me?” You won’t convince anyone of your acumen by reciting your résumé. Instead, show that you see your counterpart’s position. When Voss spoke...

About the Speaker

Christopher Voss is a former FBI hostage negotiator and the CEO of The Black Swan Group.

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    Thanks for sharing. Loved the video and message around the 2mm shift, allowing to make mistakes and empathy in every interaction to build trusting relationships.