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Former FBI director James Comey’s memoir, the latest addition to the library of books bashing President Donald Trump, won intense media coverage and a characteristically vicious response from the president. Comey, fired by Trump, joins the chorus of critics who say Trump isn’t fit for the presidency. Comey takes pains to describe himself as a scrupulously nonpartisan – not a party hack, but a seeker of truth and a neutral broker of information.

About the Author

James Comey, director of the FBI from 2013 to 2017, also served as US attorney for the Southern District of New York. He was deputy attorney general under President George W. Bush.


A Republican who served in high positions under presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Trump, Comey espouses the need for public servants to check their political biases at the door. He has enraged both parties in recent years, first by dropping a last-minute bombshell about Hillary Clinton, and more recently by calling out Trump for dishonesty. Comey makes a convincing case that he wasn’t seeking attention when he announced a reopened investigation of Clinton’s email practices. He argues that he made the difficult decision out of a desire to be transparent. Comey’s memoir is an unusual exercise in transparency for a man who has spent his career in the tight-lipped worlds of the FBI and the Justice Department. He argues that oversharing is better than the alternative.

He calmly lays out his life story and his theories of humble leadership and an impartial bureaucracy. Much of Comey’s book has nothing to do with Trump. He details the armed burglary of his home when he was a teenager that inspired his career in law enforcement. He offers descriptions of his interactions with Bush and Obama. While his personal politics seem to match Bush’s ideology, Comey makes it clear that he found Obama a more thoughtful and scrupulous leader than Bush. In Comey’s view, Bush seemed reluctant to seek out subordinates who would challenge his opinions. Both are paragons of integrity compared to Trump, Comey argues.

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    E. P. 2 years ago
    They looked more precisely at the interpreted notes backing Stewart's story and found they were made out of different brands of ink. On October 27, with the choice days away, the Value Division asked for a court request to review Clinton's messages. Both are paragons of uprightness stood out from Trump, Comey battles. Stewart's illumination that the arranging was an accidental occasion didn't sit well with specialists. An unassuming pioneer is accessible to logically and more essential potential results, Comey creates. Revealing the restored examination concerning Clinton's messages was the best movement. In Comey's view, Fence gave off an impression of being reluctant to look out subordinates who may challenge his decisions. In the midst of a private dinner at the White House, Comey makes, Trump told Comey, "I require unwaveringness. Bush, Barack Obama, and Trump, Comey grasps the necessity for open specialists to desert their political inclinations. At one point, Comey forms, the FBI created a letter attempting to blackmail Ruler and empowering the social freedoms pioneer to execute himself. Trump demonstrated this character deformity not long after his presentation when he requested his swarm of spectators overshadowed Obama's. Comey advances an inducing barrier that he wasn't searching for thought when he announced a restored examination of Clinton's email practices. On this issue, Comey creates, reasonable differences of opinion or illustration weren't in play; Trump lied. Shading Comey's investigation was his want that Clinton would win paying little regard to what move he made. A considerable amount of Comey's book has nothing to do with Trump. Trump shooting and a while later devastating Comey is the slingshot that vaulted Comey's book onto the raving success records. In ways imperative and immaterial, President Donald Trump shows unwilling or unfit, to tell the truth, makes Comey. In the midst of the pre-summer of 2016, Comey formally close the examination concerning Hillary Clinton's normal with respect to scrutinizing gathered messages on an individual server.