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A Leadership Agenda for the Next Decade

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A Leadership Agenda for the Next Decade

Winning the '20s

Boston Consulting Group,

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The most effective leaders are forward-thinking, so gain an edge on your competition for the 2020s. 

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This sobering and applicable report from the Boston Consulting Group’s Henderson Institute provides general advice that business leaders can use to prosper in the 2020s. The well-structured read isn’t just for leaders at established companies trying to stay nimble and adaptable. Younger or digitally scalable companies will also face unprecedented challenges in the 2020s, including incorporating new technology and finding niches in an increasingly crowded online world. Anyone with an eye to the future will benefit from this analysis.


Several important themes from the 2010s will carry over into the 2020s.

The world changed dramatically in the 2010s and will do so again in the 2020s. Multiple trends emerged in the 2010s that will continue to influence the business world. Technology will keep transforming the nature of work. Artificial intelligence (AI) will spread. Traditionally rigid business structures will continue eroding in favor of ecosystems of cross-product or cross-company collaboration. China’s economic power will keep growing – potentially upsetting the global economic status quo. Growth will slow, partly resulting from aging populations. The public will have ethical concerns about technology and corporate capitalism. Activist investors will become...

About the Authors

Rich Lesser is the president and CEO of the Boston Consulting Group. The other authors are members of BCG’s Henderson Institute, a strategy think tank. 

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