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A Life in Balance

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A Life in Balance

Nourishing the Four Roots of True Happiness


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Meditation, exercise, love and nourishment are four essential elements of a happy life.

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Author Kathleen A. Hall explains how to develop strength, mental and physical flexibility, focus and happiness by nourishing what she calls the "roots of self." She offers a well-reasoned, well-researched approach to creating a harmonious work-life balance. Drawing from a broad range of disciplines, she makes the findings of mind-body medicine easy to understand, and shows that small, incremental changes easily within your grasp may add up to significant life changes. Though her style can be a tad repetitive, getAbstract recommends this book to stressed-out, overwhelmed workers and managers as a reliable, one-volume compendium of diverse health and happiness advice.


Set Down Roots

In the natural world, only change is permanent. Observe an oak tree as it experiences the cycles of the seasons: it is flexible in the wind and rain, deriving its strength from its deep roots. As part of nature, human beings are also subject to life cycles. Accepting that flux will take you a long way toward serenity. Like the oak tree, you have your own psychological "seasons" to weather. As you age, you must revisit old emotional issues. If you try to ignore them, they will just crop up again, and they can make you sick.

The great myth of modern times is that success will automatically lead to happiness. When you pursue success, you are always trying to move upward and forward. Only those actions that perpetuate the upward and forward thrust of your life feel satisfying. But as you cycle through life, you need strong roots to nourish you and to help you age with grace and wisdom. The direction of happiness is inward and downward. Growth moves from the inside out.

To discover your natural rhythms and become aware of your authentic self, slow down and listen to what nature tells you – and to what you tell yourself. If you allow yourself the quiet...

About the Author

Kathleen A. Hall is an expert on work-life balance. She is the founder of the Stress Institute and has appeared regularly on television to talk about mind-body medicine.

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