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A Message from Garcia

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A Message from Garcia

Yes, You Can Succeed


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To succeed, first find your calling. Fulfillment resides in following your passion. You can be what you believe.

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The recipe for success isn’t so tough to figure out, writes financial entrepreneur Charles Patrick Garcia. Start with a heaping helping of passion, then mix in equal parts hard work, integrity, belief and positive attitude. The quality of the final dish resides in the details, of course, so the former military intelligence officer outlines the actions you must take to succeed and the mindset you need to adopt. Garcia’s easily digested writing style, peppered with plenty of real-world examples from the military, politics and business, makes this motivational book a rewarding repast. suggests Garcia’s success manual to managers looking for a refresher course in staying focused, inspired and on task.


Success Means Finding Your Passion

Even before founding a company that would turn into the fastest-growing private firm in Florida, Charles Patrick Garcia achieved lofty positions in several other areas. He was a military intelligence officer who worked directly for a four-star general. Then he was a White House Fellow and a graduate of the law school at Columbia University.

That resume seemed to guarantee a lucrative career as an attorney. Yet, as a result of personality testing, Garcia came to see that he wasn’t passionate about practicing law. This realization led him to shift into entrepreneurship.

Garcia founded the Sterling Financial Investment Group in the late 1990s. The investment bank grew quickly, and it also provided the passion that is the prerequisite to true success. Fulfillment comes only when you follow your passion, no matter how much or how little you’ll earn in your chosen field.

To achieve success, first find your calling. A personality test can be a great help in determining where your strengths and passions reside. Once you find your calling, however, passion alone won’t make you a success. You must train yourself to follow the "success...

About the Author

Charles Patrick Garcia is the founder of the Sterling Financial Group of Companies, a Florida-based company he built from a firm with three people to one with more than 60 offices in seven countries. Garcia is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and the Columbia University Law School. He served as a White House Fellow. Garcia was the Telemundo network’s military analyst during the war in Iraq.

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