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Shivani Siroya’s fintech breakthrough has the potential to tear down barriers to credit in the developing world. She has developed a mobile app that generates credit scores for unbanked users, democratizing access to credit. Her initiative might raise eyebrows among those concerned about data protection and privacy, but her fresh approach to financing could be paradigm changing. getAbstract recommends Siroya’s succinct, understated presentation to financiers, bankers and lenders who view developing nations as lucrative markets.


If you were to extend a loan to a stranger, you would have more peace of mind if you knew some information about the borrower. Though banks and institutional lenders don’t know all their borrowers personally, they can evaluate an individual’s risk of default using a credit score analysis – a statistical calculation of risk gleaned from a borrower’s “public consumer credit data.” A good credit score informs the bank that you are a reliable borrower when you apply for a mortgage or a business loan, enabling you to access credit.

Alas, 2.5 billion people, predominantly in emerging markets, have no credit scores...

About the Speaker

Shivani Siroya is CEO and founder of Tala (formerly InVenture), which creates credit scores for people with none.

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