Summary of A Technique for Deciding When to Say No

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A Technique for Deciding When to Say No summary
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Society obsesses over those who seem to “do it all” – whether they’re single moms balancing successful careers with raising well-bred children or ambitious entrepreneurs who travel the world while managing profitable start-ups. However, can anyone really do everything? Get a reality check from United Methodist Church pastor Tyler Kleeberger, who believes that busy people need to narrow their focus. Otherwise, they’ll ultimately succeed at nothing. Repetitive yet lyrical, Kleeberger’s message reads like a sermon for overstressed, overworked aspiring business leaders on the edge of burnout.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why you must focus your efforts to succeed at anything,
  • How to choose your priorities in life, and
  • What success looks like.

About the Author

Tyler Kleeberger is an Ohio-based writer and United Methodist pastor. He consults with churches, nonprofits, and other groups on making a difference.



Society parades the myth that people can juggle countless priorities and accomplish everything, if they just work hard enough. In fact, nobody is limitless. You must discern what tasks are worth your time and say no to others that overextend you. According to the law of two-thirds, businesses have to choose whether they want to focus on quality, speed or price, and they can only succeed in two of those areas. You must do the same. Vowing to do it all is a path to failure. Consider gardening. If you plant too many plants...

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