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Absolut provides a rare behind-the-scenes look into the Madison Avenue minds who are able to manipulate the critical faculties of America as surely as if we'd all downed a double shot straight up. In short, the book details how advertisers were able to fabricate a brand out of a product that consumers could not distinguish from the competition in taste tests. recommends this immensely enjoyable book as must reading for advertising and marketing professionals, and to anyone interested in understanding how advertisers manipulate consumer tastes.

About the Author

Carl Hamilton is television host of the critically acclaimed show, Dilemma. A political commentator, he is also a columnist for Scandinavia's largest newspaper.



Absolut Madness?

Good marketing, like good liquor, blurs reality's wrinkles. How fitting then that the apotheosis of promotion is to be found in the alcoholic beverage industry, where reality has a way of becoming less and less important as the night wears on. After all, taste is subjective - and in this case, tasting the product automatically renders one less capable of evaluating it. This circumstance is a marketer's dream; after all, who can ever possibly contend that a claim beyond proof isn't true? Indeed, take away any brand's image and what you have left are but a few ordinary ounces of fluid whose consumption, let's face it, will probably make your head throb in the morning.

The renowned Absolut brand of Swedish vodka is a classic case in point. Any dapper fellow swirling an olive in his vodka martini, confident in his upscale discernment, might consider the fact that, prior to 1978, vodka was Russian, not Swedish. Swedes simply didn't make vodka. This fact was virtually irrelevant to Madison Avenue denizens, however, looking for a new product to sell and a new way to sell it. After all, everyone knew that the real libation was image anyway.

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