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New York Times best-selling author Vince Molinaro shares research-backed strategies for creating an accountable leadership culture. He contends that many companies will shut down by 2030 if they don’t adapt to their rapidly changing contexts and prioritize accountability. His advice: Do not tolerate mediocrity and don’t settle for leaders who are unable or unwilling to meet your leadership standards. Molinaro says accountability is the only path organizations can take to avoid future disaster. His advice is relevant to leaders at all levels – each person who commits to being accountable inspires others to do the same.

About the Author

Founder and CEO of Leadership Contract, Inc., Vince Molinaro is also the author of The Leadership Contract and The Leadership Contract Field Guide.


To endure, companies must adapt to change.

Accountable leaders must understand that the world is changing rapidly. A KPMG survey reports that nearly three-quarters of the world’s CEOs believe the next few years will have more of an impact on their industries than all the changes that have occurred since 1970.

The majority of CEOs worry that new companies will disrupt their industries’ business models, but McKinsey research shows that only about a quarter of those senior executives who tried to transform their business models and keep pace with industry changes actually see their change management efforts as successful. According to Innosight, half the companies on the S&P are likely to fade away by 2030 if they fail to adapt to rapid change in their industries. 

You can’t wait for your bosses or company to create necessary change. As a leader, you must be accountable for your personal development and adaptation to change, and you must inspire people in your department or teams to do the same.

To ensure their companies’ growth and long-term success, today’s leaders must invest...

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