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Act Like a Success,  Think Like a Success

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Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success

Discovering Your Gift and the Way to Life’s Riches


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TV host Steve Harvey explains how to open the door to success by identifying your unique gift.

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Life is a matter of choices. You can repeat the same dull routine every day for years or decide to look within yourself for the special gift that will unlock your potential. Let comedian and talk-show host Steve Harvey, a rags-to-riches victor himself, inspire you to reach for the stars. Now a successful stand-up comedian, the popular host of his own TV talk show and steward of the game show Family Feud, Harvey was once homeless, choked with debt and going nowhere. Then he discovered his gift – his ability to make people laugh – and with determination, he achieved wealth and fame. Harvey’s relentless pursuit of success is the cornerstone of this inspirational advice manual sprinkled with elements of autobiography. The key to fulfilling your potential, he maintains, is identifying the inherent, unique gift that sets you apart from everyone else, and then putting it to work. getAbstract recommends his sensible, realistic and heartfelt advice, which will make you feel as if you’ve found a smart, sincere friend, not just a smart guy on TV.


Moving Forward

Whether you are in search of wealth, prestige or recognition, success stems from identifying and using your unique gift. Everyone has a special gift and if you muster yours properly, you can achieve your goals. Getting the most out of your gift and sharing it with the world will bring you happiness, vitality and a sense of fulfillment.

Initially finding the motivation to improve your life often requires confronting any unhappiness or dissatisfaction you feel. Maybe you are sick of struggling financially, working in a dead-end job or keeping your dreams on hold. Those who feel “stuck” often make excuses for not taking advantage of opportunities to grow and excel. Negative self-perceptions can easily develop into counterproductive decisions and behaviors.

Jealousy, procrastination and skepticism are damaging mind-sets that can prevent you from realizing your potential. Changing the direction of your life means escaping your ready-made excuses and being brutally honest with yourself – as painful as that may be. Don’t compare yourself to others; that’s one of the worst things you can do. Every person is unique; your achievements, setbacks and experiences...

About the Author

The author of three books, Steve Harvey toured as one of the original Kings of Comedy. He now hosts The Steve Harvey Show and Family Feud on television.

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    L. M. 8 years ago
    Good place to start and gain some motivation.
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    J. H. 8 years ago
    Not a bad read...a little lite on content but a good reminder of some basic concepts.

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