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It’s hard to stay focused in a world of distractions. Resisting constant interruptions, however, is even harder for people suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Yet the condition doesn’t necessarily prevent those affected from succeeding at the workplace. Medical writer Royce Flippin provides hands-on advice for how people with ADHD can effectively manage their behavioral symptoms and make the most of their strengths. Indeed, the strategies he outlines can help anybody – with or without a diagnosed condition – to navigate the modern workplace more productively.

About the Author

Royce Flippin is a freelance health and medical journalist in New York City. 


People with ADHD have a lot to contribute to the workplace yet often struggle to stay on top of their responsibilities.

People with ADHD find it hard to stay focused, are easily sidetracked by external and internal interruptions, and often come across as disorganized or careless. Low activity in the frontal area of the brain, which is responsible for prioritizing information and self-monitoring, is the likely cause of their symptoms.

Many adults with ADHD, however, have gone on to lead successful careers – be it in entertainment, politics or business. People with ADHD often stand out for their people skills and creativity. The key for people with ADHD is to come up with individual coping skills to manage...

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