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Advanced Habits for Career Success

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Advanced Habits for Career Success

The Brendon Show (The Charged Life) podcast

Brendon Burchard,

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Learn how your own career can benefit from six habits of the world’s highest performers.

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Brendon Burchard delves into the habits of high performers in this concise, helpful episode of The Brendon Show. Burchard outlines six habits derived from interviews with the top 2% of the world’s high performers and explains how employees, service providers and business owners can apply them to boost their own careers.


Stop doing the wrong things.

The world’s most successful people consistently recognize the things that don’t work for them – and stop doing them. These people possess perseverance; they aren’t quitting in the usual sense. They act responsibly in putting work into their jobs, relationships, careers or teams and doing their best – but then, after they’ve done that, they have enough discernment to understand when they need to move on. Certain jobs, relationships, careers or teams cause them to be bored or miserable, or just don’t provide the excitement of other options. So, with decisiveness and boldness, high performers cut ties and put their efforts into something else.

Increase your psychological necessity to perform well.

Psychological necessity means having the feeling, “I must do this with excellence, and I must do it now.” High performers psyche themselves up before every activity to perform well – high performance becomes a necessity and not just a preference. He or she decides at some point to be a person who performs to high standards, and ...

About the Podcast

The Brendon Show is a podcast that focuses on personal development. Brendon Burchard is a coach, author and influencer in personal growth and achievement. His books include High Performance Habits, The Motivation Manifesto, The Charge, The Millionaire Messenger and Life’s Golden Ticket.

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