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Agile Marketing

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Agile Marketing

Unlock Adaptive and Data-driven Marketing for Long-Term Success

Kogan Page,

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Learn how future-proofed marketing teams are embracing agility to better serve digital consumers.

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Digital technologies are disrupting traditional marketing, and leaders hoping to keep pace with shifting consumer expectations must adopt agile approaches, according to digital consultant Neil Perkin. Perkin urges digital marketing leaders to embrace transformation, eschewing dated linear approaches in favor of a continuous cycle of learning and experimentation. He explains how to tackle complex challenges, create an adaptive strategy and move fast without making mistakes. Perkin’s comprehensive guide to the new marketing landscape will help leaders catalyze a necessary culture shift while inspiring trust and ownership among teams.


Technology is driving a profound transformation in marketing.

Marketing is in the midst of transformation as digital technologies disrupt business models, consumer expectations and market dynamics. Some traditional marketing activities are standing firm; marketing strategist Tom Roach points to the evergreen marketing priorities of expanding reach, earning attention, embracing creativity, creating distinctiveness, maintaining consistency across time, emotionally connecting with consumers and motivating action. Yet new technologies are ushering in significant shifts. Marketers will need to become more data-driven as they learn to create faster consumer loops and leverage the power of real-time consumer data.

The traditional four Ps that marketers have turned to for decades are each evolving. Products are increasingly serving as vehicles for service delivery and as tools in marketing strategies. For example, a toothbrush isn’t necessarily just a toothbrush anymore; it can become a connected, behavior-tracking device, providing users with dental health recommendations. The definition of place is broadening, too, as digital ...

About the Author

Neil Perkin founded the digital consultancy Only Dead Fish. His books include Building the Agile Business and Agile Transformation.

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