AI Will Give Rise to FinTech 2.0 and Longevity Banks

AI Will Give Rise to FinTech 2.0 and Longevity Banks

Forbes, 2020

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Everyone knows that people are living longer. But are individuals, businesses and institutions prepared for longer retirements? Technology professional Margaretta Colangelo suggests that most financial services companies are still overlooking this longevity shift, and she maintains that emerging technology offers some solutions. Her illuminating report showcases new developments in ”AgeTech” that offer a view into what the future of banking, investments and pensions might look like.


The financial industry has neglected an entire market: seniors.

The financial services sector has ignored a ripe market right under its nose: people aged 60 and older. Even fintech newcomers have preferred to focus on younger generations. However, the over-60 demographic is currently the wealthiest segment of the financial ecosystem. This group consists of around one billion people, and their collective spending in 2020 reached $15 trillion.

Older people seek a viable and secure retirement, and it is clear that their increasing longevity will affect how they manage their wealth. To attract older cohorts, financial services...

About the Author

Margaretta Colangelo is co-founder & CEO of Jthereum, an enterprise blockchain technology company, and the president of U1 Technologies, an enterprise software firm.