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America Alone

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America Alone

The Neo-Conservatives and the Global Order

Cambridge UP,

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What's inside?

Love `em or hate `em, if you don`t like what Neo-Conservatives have done to the U.S., or you support what they`ve done for it, read this.

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This polemic is a must-read whether you love or hate neo-conservatives. Authors Stefan Halper and Jonathan Clarke provide a comprehensive history of the neo-conservative movement, and outline every conceivable charge against them. The authors fervently contend that neo-cons have led the United States into a war with Iraq and have done immense damage to America’s liberties, its reputation abroad and its moral integrity. People who love neo-conservatives should read this book to learn the worst that can be said about them so that they can prepare responses, especially during an election year. People who hate neo-conservatives should read this book because it will reconfirm their deepest prejudices and animosities. However, cautions, people who are neutral on neo-cons will find this book something of a hard go - the authors have an axe to grind, and grind away they do. They offer strong views and information tinged with passion, so if you find yourself elated - or deeply annoyed - write to them, and not to us.


The Case Against Neo-ConsNeo-conservatives are a cabal of journalists, politicians and academics, some of whom have managed to establish undeserved reputations for objectivity and credibility. Neo-conservatives are, in fact, a dangerous bunch of ideologues, bent on pushing America in a direction that has been and will be disastrous. Neo-conservatives believe that America should make its way alone in the world. They seem to believe that, as the preeminent, dominant, untouchable, sole superpower, the United States has a unique mandate and mission to function without the constraints and impedimenta of allies and alliances. They believe the world is "unipolar" and the U.S. is the pole — their U.S. that is. The America of the neo-conservatives is unlike anyone else’s America. Of course, some people have always framed America within the conceptual idea of "exceptionalism," a sense of manifest destiny and a notion that America was a kind of new Promised Land with a messianic destiny. The neo-conservatives have played on this characteristic American disposition to manipulate the country into a war with Iraq. Iraq The U.S. government, under the influence — or even the control — of ...

About the Authors

Stefan Halper is a Senior Fellow, at the Centre of International Studies, University of Cambridge, where he directs the Donner Atlantic Studies Programme. Jonathan Clarke is a Foreign Affairs Scholar at the CATO Institute in Washington, D.C.

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