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As Pressure to Upskill Grows, 5 Models Emerge

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As Pressure to Upskill Grows, 5 Models Emerge


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Companies are embracing a new role as educators of their workforce. 

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The world of work is undergoing rapid change. Companies can no longer solely rely on the government and private educational institutions to train the people they can then hire. Instead, the private sector has started to invest heavily in educational initiatives – ranging from upskilling workshops to a free college education. Allison Dulin Salisbury describes five types of corporate education initiative – and explains how each of them benefits employees and the companies funding them. Her article provides a useful overview of what’s out there for HR and learning professionals. 


To address a growing talent mismatch, leading US corporations invest in employee education programs. 

In 2019, the Business Roundtable – a nonprofit association whose members are chief executive officers of major US companies – issued a much-publicized statement in which it redefined its principles on the role of a corporation. A modern business should not merely maximize shareholder value, Business Roundtable members argued, it must take all stakeholders into account – including, and above all, its employees. In particular, members argued that companies should be responsible for providing employees with the skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing work environment.

McKinsey & Company estimates ...

About the Author

Allison Dulin Salisbury is a writer focusing on the future of learning, work and economic mobility.

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