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Worker engagement and productivity are dropping, explains organizational consultant Yves Morieux, and outdated management concepts are at fault. Unfortunately, most businesses respond to new demands by adding yet more layers of management and processes, cluttering the path forward. getAbstract suggests that if you can surmount this lecture’s jargon, you will find some solid, timely advice about battling complexity.

About the Speaker

Yves Morieux is a senior partner and managing director of The Boston Consulting Group.



Even with technologies such as computers, the Internet and telecommunications, workplace productivity is dropping. Likewise, a surge in events and training to motivate employees and boost engagement hasn’t prevented a decline. Productivity and engagement both suffer from the influence of outdated management concepts. Traditionally, companies organize according to “two pillars” – “hard” factors, such as business “structure, processes [and] systems,” and “soft” factors, including relationship dynamics, personalities and emotions. These concepts, singly or combined...

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    A. E. 5 years ago
    Nice concise list.
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    A. 6 years ago
    Money quote at the beginning: «Why is productivity so disappointing in all the companies where I work for?» Doesn't that ring a bell?