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Asian Brand Strategy

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Asian Brand Strategy

How Asia Builds Strong Brands

Palgrave Macmillan,

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Asian corporations are becoming new global brand leaders. Who are they? How do they operate? What is causing the shift?

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Martin Roll has written a very informative book, in fact, nearly two books: one that covers foundational knowledge on branding and one that reports on branding in Asia. Amid the explanation of branding basics, Roll depicts how emerging Asian corporations are finally seeing branding as more than a name and a logo, and, thus, are making it a central part of their strategies. He predicts that the next, new generation of Asian corporate brand leaders will also become the next, new generation of global powerhouses. Roll deftly explains what makes branding work, and he shares his first-hand experiences working with major Asian corporations, he just doesn’t always pull the two together. Roll also tends to treat developed Asian nations, such as Japan and South Korea, and emerging economies, such as China and India, as if they are uniform. That aside, getAbstract applauds Roll’s informed take on Asian marketing strategy, and recommends this solid book on brand building and its global uses.


Creating Value in Asia

Asia is on the road toward reshaping global business. By 2041, China’s economy will be the world’s largest and, by 2032, India’s economy will surpass Japan’s. Aside from population growth and economic expansion, Asia’s business environment is changing due to increased deregulation and more relaxed trade policies.

On the business side, major Asian corporations are improving their productivity and operational efficiency, introducing new product designs and adopting more creative approaches to their overall operations. The large conglomerates that dominated the industrial landscape in many Asian countries are now focusing on building specialized products, and developing and exploiting niche markets, instead of offering wide product lines that cater to all industries and buyers.

These changes are occurring because the leaders of Asian manufacturing firms have come to understand that competing solely on the basis of low costs will not transform their companies into global corporations. These leaders are already acting on the understanding that branded goods generate greater profits than nameless merchandise. For example, nonbranded “contract...

About the Author

Martin Roll is CEO of VentureRepublic, a branding strategy and advisory firm. A guest lecturer at INSEAD and a visiting professor at CEIBS in Shanghai, he has more than 15 years of experience in international advertising and branding.

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