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World Industry Outlook; May 2013


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When will the European car industry return to growth? It could be sooner than you might think.

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The prognosis for the automotive industry seems to change yearly. After eulogies at the height of the 2008 financial crisis, stories of booming sales in many markets now dominate headlines. Vehicle manufacturing remains a complex business with differing prospects in various nations. getAbstract recommends this nuanced report, which offers a region-by-region analysis of carmakers, commercial vehicle manufacturers and component industries.


The global automotive industry will see growth of about 5% per year from 2014 to 2017. After a significant rebound in 2010, car registrations have returned to tempered levels of growth. Though Western European registrations are likely to revive in 2014, the region remains “stagnant,” with the number of cars per 1,000 people declining. Europe’s continuing fiscal weakness compels its automakers to focus elsewhere, particularly in emerging markets. Fiat’s strong US sales in its Chrysler division have buffered European losses. Ford and General Motors are gaining market share from a surge in US car sales. The Japanese auto...

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