Summary of Averting Climate Breakdown by Restoring Ecosystems

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Averting Climate Breakdown by Restoring Ecosystems summary

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When it comes to climate change, all signs indicate that the world is running out of time to keep warming below the 1.5–2 degrees Celsius threshold. To avert catastrophe, humanity has pursued two strategies: a transition to a low-carbon economy and the use of negative emissions technologies. A group of environmental campaigners claim both strategies focus too much on high-tech solutions, however. They argue, instead, for a more low-tech and immediately feasible climate mitigation tool: ecosystem restoration. Their creative proposal should intrigue activists, policy makers and concerned citizens alike.

About the Author

George Monbiot is an environmental campaigner and co-founder of the Natural Climate Solutions project.


To avert catastrophic climate change, humanity must pursue measures which remove CO2 from the Earth’s atmosphere. Current negative emissions models focus heavily on two emerging technologies whose feasibility is questionable. The first option, direct air capture technology, will likely be too costly. The second solution, bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS), calls for massive biomass plantations on one billion-plus hectares of agricultural land or 50% of natural forests – possibly resulting in mass starvation...

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