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Awaken Your Genius

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Awaken Your Genius

Escape Conformity, Ignite Creativity, and Become Extraordinary

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What's inside?

Stop going through the motions; unlock who you were meant to be and leave your mark on the universe.

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Author Ozan Varol started his professional life in astrophysics, then pivoted to law before leaping to full-time writing and speaking. In this engaging introduction to holistic personal development, Varol distills principles for self-discovery from his personal journey of “waking up.” The process begins by eliminating what isn’t you, then observing and experimenting to find out what is. Varol offers his strategies for deep thinking and creativity, marching to the beat of your own drum and embracing the (uncertain) future.


Personal change means leaving behind who you were before.

People often sleepwalk through life. They follow someone else’s script, chasing outward success without asking why. When you begin to chart your own course, you will transform. As a result, your whole life might change.

When a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, it first disintegrates. The undoing precedes the remaking. Your metamorphosis may be the same.

Change is not easy. Personal transformation might mean leaping into the unknown without a safety net or giving up a position you worked hard to secure. Others may feel confused or threatened by the alterations they see in you, especially if they have chosen stagnation.

To carve out space for self-discovery, take a step back from your identity, beliefs and tribe.

In the same way that a snake must shed its skin to grow, you may need to shed the trappings of your current life to move forward.

First, recognize that many aspects of the identity you hold right now – your job, relationships, self-perceived strengths and weaknesses – are not essential parts of...

About the Author

Ozan Varol is a former rocket scientist and law professor whose work now focuses on creativity, innovation and critical thinking. He is also the author of Think Like a Rocket Scientist (2020).

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