B2B Is Really P2P
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B2B Is Really P2P

How to Win with High Touch in a High Tech World

Frank SommaFrank Somma • 2019

Enthusiastic Sales Advice

by David Meyer

Salesman Frank Somma harnesses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to deliver his optimistic message of self-belief for salespeople.

Salespeople with advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) skills can read their sales prospects well – and sometimes before the prospects read themselves, promises author Frank Somma. A certified NLP practitioner and sales superstar he teaches readers how to use NLP to decipher their prospects’ body language and establish rapport. Somma offers anecdotes and input from industry experts to inspire you to use his “person to person” (P2P) system to develop productive, warm and profitable relationships. 

Hard Work

Somma states his theme right at the beginning: being a top salesperson takes hard work. He explains that, as with the myth of the born athlete, the idea of the born salesperson is counterfactual. He cites basketball superstar Michael Jordan’s combination of passion, effort and long hours of practice and offers him as a model whom salespeople should emulate.

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