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Begin Boldly

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Begin Boldly

How Women Can Reimagine Risk, Embrace Uncertainty & Launch a Brilliant Career


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Stop shying away from risks that could move you forward, and step boldly toward opportunities you want.

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Too often, women keep their heads down at work. They don’t want to make mistakes, so they avoid speaking up in meetings and rarely offer their ideas. These actions hold them back from the leadership opportunities and promotions they deserve. It’s time to take some risks, argues career coach Christie Hunter Arscott. Her helpful guide will steer you through the process of strategic risk-taking. Learn how harnessing a curious, courageous and agile mind-set can propel you into your dream job. From embracing change to asking for what you want, Arscott says, taking risks is the secret to career success. 


Risk-taking is a path toward upward mobility.

Top CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs all have one thing in common: They take risks. Unfortunately, people – especially women – often avoid taking risks because they are afraid to make mistakes. As a result, they often don’t advance as far in their careers as they could, and they develop a fearful mind-set toward risk. Yet, taking risks is how you progress. It’s a way to push yourself to the next level in any career.

Risk-taking exposes you to learning challenges and growth opportunities, and it teaches you the value of stepping outside your comfort zone. In fact, it’s a skill you can develop and turn into a formidable, four-step habit: “risk, reward, refine and repeat.”

Assess which risks to take, determine possible rewards, note lessons learned and then risk again.

Start with defining the risks you want to take. Do you want to go after a promotion? Change industries? Go back to school to learn a new skill? Whatever risk you have in mind, look at taking it as a strategic decision. Begin by assessing your risks:

  1. Consider what’s ...

About the Author

Christie Hunter Arscott is a career coach and career expert.

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