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Beyond Meat

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Beyond Meat


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Humans won’t give up meat, despite its shortcomings. Thus, the solution lies in redefining it.

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Entrepreneur Ethan Brown envisions a future where plant-based protein replaces meat. Although Brown’s intriguing, well-researched ideas on disrupting the meat industry often take a dry, grim tone, and his research may give carnivores cause for alarm, Brown presents fresh solutions that are well deserving of enthusiasm. getAbstract recommends this talk to environmental advocates, innovators, and anyone involved in food research and development.


Beyond Meat aims to end meat consumption by introducing carefully designed vegan foods. In so doing, the firm is attempting to disrupt a two-million-year-old human behavior. Carnivory has shaped human physiology, history, religion and culture: Eating nutrient-dense meat helped the species develop larger brains and intellects; early ancestors’ pursuit of meat through scavenging and later hunting influenced their social structures and behaviors; theologies emerged that professed human “dominion over animals”; and meat consumption became embedded in customs, such as eating turkey at Thanksgiving.

About the Speaker

Ethan Brown is co-founder and CEO of Beyond Meat, a producer of plant-based protein.

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