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Blog Marketing

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Blog Marketing

The Revolutionary New Method to Increase Sales, Growth and Profits


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Blogging may affect your businesses whether or not you actively participate – so use it to your advantage.

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The Internet contains more than 40 million blogs (some estimates say 60 million) with more than 200 million readers. With numbers like that, businesses must learn how this powerful new form of word-of-mouth works, because bloggers talk about many companies - perhaps even yours. Author Jeremy Wright takes a quick look at blogging basics and then delves deeply into the impact that blogs have on businesses. He explains how blogging can boost your brand, your customer relationships or your internal communications. If you want to learn how to tap into this richly flowing information stream, getAbstract recommends Wright’s easy-to-read explanation. Although he provides valuable start-up information for novices, even experienced bloggers and people who are familiar with the blog world will find ideas to help build their strategies.


Overhearing Customers’ Conversations

Marketers value information and communication about their companies, customers and competitors. Blogging enables your personnel to "overhear" conversations about your industry and your firm. The community of blogs (known as the "blogosphere") presents a valuable opportunity to find out what others think of your products, services and business. If you hesitate to open this door fearing negative feedback, realize that "an unhappy customer is a happy customer waiting to happen." In fact, blogging grew beyond diaries and politics by giving companies the ability to engage in conversations with customers rather than just transmit one-way information with no feedback.

Companies that use blogs to show passion for their work generate passion from others and create customer evangelists who spread the message about their products or services. Companies with blogs earn trust by regularly communicating with customers. Corporate blogs provide visibility and a forum for sharing expertise. They also defray some of the costs of visibility campaigns and establish the host companies as thought-leaders.

Traditional marketing often means sending...

About the Author

Jeremy Wright is the president of a blog network, and a consultant on blogging, communication and time management.

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