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Brain Storm

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Brain Storm

Tap into Your Creativity to Generate Awesome Ideas and Remarkable Results

Career Press,

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What's inside?

Creativity doesn’t reside just in having great ideas, but in putting them to work. Be bright and effective: here’s how.

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Jason R. Rich has used his creative juices to write a book that promises to help your brain come up with its own storm of ideas. The book covers the basics of using a creative environment to brainstorm and develop new ideas. While some of the concepts discussed are fundamental, they are also classics. About 40% of the book consists of interviews with highly regarded creative thinkers in various fields - a key asset given the premise that one way to become creative is to learn from those who have already mastered this art form. In today’s "by-the-numbers" corporate culture, finding new and better ways to get the job done is a valuable skill. strongly recommends this book to those who need a more creative approach to daily tasks.


The Light Bulb

Does the light bulb of your mind burn brightly? Does it flicker on and off, strobing with a maddening inconsistency? Do you feel like there’s a rainbow of new ideas waiting to shine forth, but some cloudiness always seems to get in the way?

Well, take heart. The good news is that creative thinking is a skill, and as such, it can be taught and learned. You can become a successful "out of the box" thinker through practicing the proper techniques, and in doing so, you will become a much more effective employee or entrepreneur. While anyone can generate problem-solving ideas, it is harder to develop those ideas into creative concepts that really make a difference. Creative people see the world differently and envision new perspectives. Those who use their creativity successfully find ways to put their creative concepts to use.

Inspirational Models

As you focus on becoming more creative, regard highly creative people as role models. Try to learn how they view things, how they think and how they turn their ideas into practical concepts. By replicating their success, you’ll develop your own creative ideas much more quickly. Begin your quest for...

About the Author

Jason R. Rich is a newspaper and magazine columnist who has written more than 25 books, including The Unofficial Guide to Starting A Business Online and The Unofficial Guide to Marketing Your Business Online. He serves as a marketing and creativity consultant to businesses, and lives outside Boston.

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