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Branding Pays

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Branding Pays

The Five-Step System to Reinvent Your Personal Brand

Karen Kang,

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Change your life and career with this intuitive five-step guide to personal branding.

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Personal branding expert Karen Kang offers an insider’s guide to taking control of how people see you. Learn to understand others’ perceptions of you and why they may hold you back – and create a new persona that will propel you to success. Following Kang’s words of wisdom gives you a proven recipe for a solid personal brand. She explains how to craft a compelling message and image, and how to communicate both to your desired audience. Using concrete examples, Kang walks you step-by-step through the task of creating and projecting the type of brand you need to reach your goals.


Personal branding can help you achieve more success – in five steps.

No matter what work you do, today’s highly competitive job market and constant social media promotions make it difficult to stand out. Developing a solid personal brand that clearly communicates what you do best can help you get ahead of the competition, however.

For example, Hillary Freeman, a Black woman in Palo Alto, California decided to run for City Council. However, due to racial stereotyping and her lack of political experience, locals mistook her for a volunteer instead of a candidate. In response, Freeman and her campaign leaders rebranded her personal image. By reframing herself as the “face of new leadership” for the area, she achieved a landslide win.

As you, like Freeman, strive toward a new goal, you must understand where your current personal brand stands – that is, how others perceive you. You have an image and a reputation that communicates your capabilities and potential to the world. When you take charge of your personal brand, you will be able to exert more control over the respect...

About the Author

Karen Kang is a branding specialist and CEO of BrandingPays. She has been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Fast Company, Forbes and More magazine. She is a former partner with Regis McKenna Inc., the marketing consulting firm that launched Apple and Genentech.

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