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Building Influence in the Workplace

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Building Influence in the Workplace

How to Gain and Retain Influence at Work

Palgrave Macmillan,

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The boss has the power, but you can be the most influential person at work.

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Developing influence at work is a skill you can and must learn. British psychologist Aryanne Oade, a knowledgeable, practical teacher, presents case studies that demonstrate how to employ influencing techniques to sell your ideas and yourself to your colleagues. At the end of each chapter, the author asks you illuminating questions based on your own experience. While Oade’s contribution isn’t deep in new ideas, she does provide a good orientation, and her advice helps you consider other people’s perspectives. getAbstract recommends her insights to anyone who wants to boost their influence. Everyone who works with other people will find it helpful.


Gain Influence on the Job

To influence others at work, consider these alternative scenarios: A dedicated, expert management consultant is in an elevator with a powerful partner from another division of his firm. The consultant is doing a superlative job of handling a temperamental client. The partner asks how his assignment is going.

In the first scenario, he responds: “I have had to spend many hours after work taking my client through the process in a series of one-on-one meetings.” The consultant thinks this shows him as hard working and determined. Yet after he speaks, the senior partner icily disengages. She wonders if the firm has assigned the right person to the job.

In the second scenario, the consultant looks directly at the senior partner, says things are moving smartly ahead and notes that he enjoys working with the client. He says nearly everyone considers the client impossible, but that he’s pleased to work well with her. “I have built an excellent relationship,” he says. “She listens to my input and adopts my recommendations. We get on well.” The partner smiles and decides to plug the consultant into one of her major projects.

Here the consultant...

About the Author

Psychologist Aryanne Oade founded Oade Associates, a coaching and development practice. She is the author of numerous books about common workplace problems.

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    M. H. 4 years ago
    Pretty good; I like it very much. I'll be certainly using the suggested techniques very soon....
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    G. t. 1 decade ago
    Interesting, not quite sure how this fits with authentic behavior

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