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Building Project Management Competence

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Building Project Management Competence

Building Key Skills for Individuals, Teams and Organizations


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Competence is more than the virtue of knowing what you’re doing – it is the bedrock of your people, teams and organization.

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Author J. Davidson Frame provides just about the last word on competence. His book covers every facet, from the need for competence to how to achieve it on an individual, team and organizational basis. His timely and important treatise is well organized, exact and brimming with inside expertise. However, its personality is very much that of a textbook; the information is dense, clear and interesting, but not chatty. Frame explains how to recruit, hire, retain, encourage, promote and reward people and groups who know what they’re doing. He explains what might be wrong with your organization if it thwarts competence instead of nurturing it. He covers methods of measuring specific achievements and skills, including professional standards in project management and actual assessment tests for individuals, teams and organizational projects. The quest to achieve, build and measure competence is a growing trend in business. Read this detailed book and you will know why. getAbstract recommends it to project managers and to all those concerned about employee competence. It takes the entire conversation to a more professional level.


Project Management

People must do their jobs well for project management to succeed, but that is not enough. For project management to flourish, organizations, teams and individuals must function in unison, each contributing crucial abilities and knowledge. This is particularly crucial in project-based organizations.

Once your company pinpoints the skills a project requires, the next step is to build those skills within your workforce and then evaluate each worker’s individual competence. This training includes project managers. All managers, executives and CEOs need to build their awareness of how to work with project teams and how to assess their abilities. Properly structured, project management enables companies to allocate personnel and resources as needed, and provides flexibility in scheduling, direction, budgeting and monitoring.

The Issue of Competence

Competence is always an issue during hiring, but in today’s competitive environment evaluating competence and assuring that employees’ abilities match their assignments is an ongoing concern. Each person does a job differently, at an individual skill level. Obviously, no two people have the same...

About the Author

J. Davidson Frame directed the project management certification program for the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is dean of academic affairs at the University of Management and Technology (UMT) in Arlington, Virginia. Prior to joining UMT, he established the project management program at George Washington University. He is the author of seven books, including Managing Projects in Organizations and The New Project Management.

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