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Bullet Proof Presentations

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Bullet Proof Presentations

No One Will Ever Shoot Holes in Your Ideas Again

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Americans fear public speaking more than death. Get over it!

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G. Michael Campbell notes a shocking statistic in the opening pages of his book: Americans fear public speaking more than death. One reason that so many professionals dread making presentations is that they have not been trained in the basics. The best public speakers use techniques that can be taught and learned, and Campbell presents many of the most important of these methods here. getAbstract strongly recommends this book to any novice public speakers, as well as to presentation veterans who are sure to pick up a new trick or two.


The Number-One Fear

The ability to communicate your ideas effectively is the most important skill for advancing as a professional. For many people, speaking in public is frightening - polls reveal that it’s the number-one fear among Americans, even more scary than death. But there are specific skills with regard to presentation and the use of visual aids that you can learn in order to make yourself a top-notch presenter.

Professional speaking ranges from one-on-one sales presentations to talks before large groups. Whatever type of presentation you are giving, there are two imperatives:

  1. You must quickly convince the members of your audience that your ideas are important.
  2. You must answer any questions posed by the audience clearly, concisely and confidently.

You can accomplish both of these tasks by following a series of steps in readying and delivering your presentation: plan it, prepare it, present it, use visual aids and get ready for special situations.

Planning Your Presentation

The first step to planning a good presentation is to identify and understand your purpose, which you should be able to state...

About the Author

G. Michael Campbell is a managing director with Holland & Davis and a nationally recognized expert on performance consulting and shared services. He has been a featured speaker at numerous national conferences and has published several articles in a variety of national and international publications.

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