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101 Ways to Have a Great Day at Work book summary
If you can’t get happy after this book, check your attitude at the door.


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When a book has a smiley-face on the cover, you pretty much know what to expect. And you won’t be disappointed with this one; it’s upbeat all the way. This optimistic book would make a great little gift (even for yourself). Stephanie Goddard Davidson brings her considerable expertise to this simple little book of 101 tips (one per page) for improving your productivity. Here’s how to minimize stress and become happier at work. The suggestions range from one-sentence instructions to a couple of paragraphs each, and are valid, practical and often thought-provoking. getAbstract recommends it to anyone with a job and a susceptibility to being cheered up - it just might get you through a bad day.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to make your workday more pleasant;
  • Why money and prestige can’t compensate for eight hours of misery in the workplace;
  • Why you should count your blessings every day; and
  • Why it’s okay to be wrong sometimes.


If you’re having another bad day at work, remember that you have more control and power over your day than you might realize. You can make more days great days, have a renewed sense of purpose in your job, make a positive impact and prevent or cope with stress. These 101 tips...
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About the Author

Stephanie Goddard Davidson, CEO of Workforce Management Solutions, is a specialist in human resources, training and development.

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