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Achieving Personal and Professional Success by Keeping A Positive Mental Outlook

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A New Attitude book summary
The first step in the journey to prosperity and happiness is taken inside your head.


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The universal goal is to combine career and financial success with personal happiness, but if that were easy, everyone would be prosperous and blissful. Well, maybe not everyone, but certainly you, says author Marian Thomas, who maintains that you can achieve all this and more by changing your attitude. In this concise book, the author discusses attitude as it relates to personal and business success. In her spin on the Norman Vincent Peal classic, The Power of Positive Thinking, Thomas offers workplace examples and tips. The book is an excellent primer for readers who want a quick introduction to positive thinking and attitude. Readers who want more depth may need to consult secondary sources, but they will still find value here.getAbstract recommends this book to employees, students and managers, as well as to anyone who’d like a most positive outlook (and maybe some of that money and bliss).

In this summary, you will learn

  • How a positive mental attitude can greatly contribute to success in your personal life, your relationships and your career;
  • How to overcome negative thoughts;
  • Which 10 steps you can take to a more positive outlook.


Positive Mental Attitude
Success and attitude are intertwined. A positive mental attitude can contribute greatly to success in your personal life, your relationships and your career. In one study, a professor of psychology found that insurance agents who had positive mental attitudes ...
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About the Author

Marian Thomas is the editor of Customer Service: The Key to Winning Lifetime Customers and is author of the following, out-of-print titles: Balancing Career and Family, Positive Mental Attitude in the Workplace and Service, Service, Service: the Key to Winning Lifetime Customers.

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