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A Woman's Place Is in the Boardroom book summary
In 2007, less than 15% of the directors of Fortune 500 companies were women. Here’s how to help change that statistic.


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In their earlier book, A Woman’s Place Is in the Boardroom: The Business Case, executive coach Peninah Thomson and management consultant Jacey Graham, working with Tom Lloyd, identified a universal problem in corporate boardrooms around the world: a dearth of female members. The reasons, they explained, are a shortage of qualified female candidates and a biased selection process. As a sequel to that book, The Roadmap plots a route guiding women executives to board positions. The journey includes eight main milestones they must pass on their way to landing their desired positions. The book is not without its detours, however, and some chapters meander slightly or delve into seemingly tangential topics. Some of the material is targeted only at women executives in the U.K. Still, getAbstract considers this a trip worth taking for any woman seeking a coveted board position. Businesses that want to remove the roadblocks for women board candidates will also benefit from each chapter’s “Reflections for Companies.”

In this summary, you will learn

  • What eight milestones women face in their quest for board positions,
  • What strategies help women bypass obstacles and
  • How companies can increase their number of female board members.


“The State of Play”
A gender-balanced board is more than a diversity issue; it makes sound business sense. In fact, research shows that companies with three or more female board members achieve higher-than-average levels of corporate performance. Although the number of women board members...
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About the Authors

Peninah Thomson is an executive coach and partner at Praesta Partners in the U.K. Jacey Graham specializes in diversity strategy and is currently a partner at Brook Graham. Tom Lloyd has authored five books, including The Nice Company.

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