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Keeping up with today’s volume of incoming headlines, tweets, texts, posts, alerts and updates requires a brief, hoppy attention span and constant multitasking – breathlessly doing several things at once. Possibly, you want to know only tiny bits about the new weight-loss fad, the best cities for nightlife or dogs that ride skateboards. The activities that support your real priorities – your personal life, work, school or civic activities – require more sustained, rigorous concentration. Ben Parr, an expert on attention, engages readers with his insightful digest of relevant research and his real-world examples of the “three stages of attention” and the “seven captivation triggers.” getAbstract recommends Parr’s balanced advice to managers, entrepreneurs, marketers, educators and anyone who seeks to capture someone else’s full focus. His presentation is packed with useful specifics and is a pleasure to read. All you have to do is pay attention.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why people’s attention can be difficult to attract and hold,
  • What scientific concepts underlie the “three stages of attention,” and
  • How seven tools can help you trigger your audience’s transition through each stage of reading.

About the Author

Tech journalist Ben Parr is a DominateFund venture-capital partner and a frequent public speaker. He contributes to CNET, Inc., The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.



Days of Distraction
Content keeps getting easier to create and access, propelling exponential increases in the daily volume of information that competes for your attention. A University of Southern California study estimates that every day in 1986, some 40 newspapers’ worth of information...

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