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Fortune 500 Executives off the Record: What It Really Takes to Get to the Top

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Corporate Confidential book summary
Successful executives explain how you can follow in their footsteps – work incredibly hard, speak out, stay positive.


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getAbstract recommends this book to anyone who is planning to climb the corporate ladder, although author Susan DePhillips includes nothing that is revolutionary, and little that is new. However, she interviewed dozens of Fortune 500 executives and boiled the results down into sensible advice, which she presents in brief, lucid segments. The executives’ approach is direct, at times startlingly so, such as when they discuss what women need to do to get ahead. These executives are wise - but if you already have the maturity and self-knowledge to benefit from their wisdom, you may not need it. After all, do people with attitude problems recognize what’s wrong? Can they see that they are playing the victim unnecessarily? The book actually becomes touching, and therefore sobering, when the executives discuss the trade-offs they made to get to the top. Most of them take responsibility for their choices, but they speak with regret of missing chunks of their families’ lives or of damaging their health. Regrettably, while some of the executives allowed DePhillips to identify them, others did not, so she presents their advice anonymously. As a result, you get a strong consensus, but you can’t always get to know the individuals behind the stories.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to plan your trip to the top;
  • What you’ll have to do to succeed - and what it will cost you; and
  • How to benefit from criticism.


Who Runs Fortune 500 Companies?
You may be surprised to learn that the people who direct Fortune 500 companies are, as a rule, quite down-to-earth - even if they are ensconced in magnificent offices. Interviews with numerous CEOs found that most of them see their work as fun, and they ...
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About the Author

Susan A. DePhillips spent more than 20 years as a human resources professional. She also worked as the vice president of a retail business. She is a business consultant and writer.

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