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Achieving Success at Work and in Life, One Conversation at a Time

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Fierce Conversations book summary
The harder the conversation is to have, the more important it may be, and the more you have to do it right.


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This book offers numerous useful principles that will help anyone become a better conversationalist and a more responsive listener. Read carefully because gems of very valuable content are scattered through the entire book, a sentence here, a quotation there, buried in long, interesting digressions about the author’s life, people she’s known and clients she’s worked with over time. A judicious editor could have made a very sharp and effective pocket book out of this material about managing intense, strong discussions with skill. As it is, you’ll have to do some digging, but you’ll have a perfectly good time doing it, particularly if you are a fan of New Age mantras and can handle a little touchy-feely vocabulary. getAbstract assures you that the lessons you’ll learn about conversations – including fierce ones – will stand you in good stead.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to have productive, meaningful conversations; and
  • How to face facts, overcome bad conversational habits, listen, ask questions and be down to earth.


Principles to Speak by
The seven principles of conversation are: Be courageous and check the facts. Choose to be authentic. Live in this moment, now, listening to and speaking to this person, now. Face your...
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About the Author

Susan Scott is an educator and owner of corporate-training firm that focuses on achieving results through dialogue.

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    Dave Bartek 5 years ago
    This is part of what I think of as the trilogy of books for this subject which are: Difficult, Fierce, and Crucial Conversations. All by different authors, but all good. Difficult Conversations comes tangentially from the Harvard Negotiation Project that brought you Getting to Yes/Getting Past No. (..and a good reminder from negotiation that you should start with being able to present the other side to their satisfaction...) Crucial Convesations has good tools that are perhaps easier to find than Susan is concerned about in her review for Fierce Conversations. Cheers!

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