Summary of Good for You, Great for Me

Finding the Trading Zone and Winning at Win-Win Negotiation

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Good for You, Great for Me book summary
A negotiation expert shows you how to claim the lion’s share, even in a win-win deal.


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Even when negotiating a win-win deal, you can still win bigger than the other party. Negotiation expert and MIT professor Lawrence Susskind says that the point of win-win negotiation is not to divide value equally, but to increase value for everyone. If you generate new value for everyone – say, by devising creative financing options or offering an attractive partnering opportunity – you should claim the lion’s share for yourself. Susskind outlines strategies for increasing value in negotiations with clients, competitors, regulators or your own staff. Each section is clear and to the point, with practical ideas well illustrated with examples. But the book suffers a bit from confusing organization; Susskind tends to switch from topic to topic like an iPod in shuffle mode. If you can live without linearity, you’ll find a rich selection of tactics and strategies for your next parley. getAbstract recommends that negotiators at companies of any size or kind study this handbook with care and embrace Susskind’s lessons – before the other side does.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How you can negotiate agreements that benefit all parties,
  • Why a mutually beneficial agreement needn’t benefit everyone equally and
  • How you can keep improving your organization’s negotiating skills.


Something for Everyone
The win-win concept of negotiation, which emerged in the 1980s, was an improvement over the traditional zero-sum model. But negotiators deploying it sometimes feel uncomfortable about pressing too aggressively to come out ahead in a deal. Uneasy negotiators misinterpret...
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About the Author

MIT professor Lawrence Susskind founded the Consensus Building Institute mediation firm and co-founded the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.

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