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Morbidly obese, angry, and failing both at work and in his MBA program, Dave Asprey embarked on a quest to find out if and how he could hack his brain to gain stamina, productivity and smarter functioning. He spent 17 years and more than $1 million developing his two-week “Head Strong” program. More than just enabling you to think better, Asprey asserts that his program will even boost your IQ. His personal saga is engrossing, though he overdoes the sales pitches for his products. Note that to comply with his program, even for just two weeks, you’d probably have to change your life significantly. getAbstract, which doesn’t give medical advice, suggests judging his advice for yourself, though it’s hard to argue against his core idea: better nutrition, smart exercise, stress-easing meditation and a toxin-free life are good for your brain.

In this book, you will learn

  • How your diet, environment and lifestyle affect your brain; and
  • How to implement the two-week “Head Strong” program.

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